About Us

There are web-sites that proclaim to be a place where one can search for essential, everyday “odd-jobs”. These sites are usually nothing more than a collection of jobs taken and posted from nationally known sites. These sites may serve a purpose; however, they do not address the needs within individual communities that are specific to that community. 

Youthire.com recognizes each community as a self-contained environment whereby neighbors interact with one another; where the local school system acts as a central meeting place and where students are the “glue” that interconnects residents with one another. 

Youthire.com seeks to bolster this relationship by offering a platform to provide essential, everyday jobs to local youth by local residents and businesses. It is our feeling that there are unique needs within each community that require a level of trust and reliability that is best served by the local community. 

This is the niche we seek to serve: a community-based exchange of services built upon a foundation of reliability and trust. Who, for instance, would you rather trust to take care of your children? Or to care for your home or pets when you go on vacation? And who would be most reliable in an emergency situation? Or how can reliability be most assured when assigning tasks such as cleaning a garage that might otherwise go undone? These are concerns best alleviated thru the employ of local residents since whom better to trust than someone within your own community. 

Youthire.com recognizes the unique relationships that exist within communities. This is who we are. We seek to bring the community together in a productive, reliable and trustworthy way. And to foster an environment of neighbor-helping-neighbor that benefits all. 

We hope you agree and that you will join us in helping to bring this endeavor to a reality. 

Thank you. 
The Team at Youthire.org